Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand 


Perhaps you are seeking a better relationship with your family, friends or colleagues.

Perhaps you are simply seeking a better relationship with yourself.

As an Inspirational Speaker Dorota shares a message of self-acceptance
and unconditional love that is uplifting, practical, and connects you with the truth
you already have inside you:

 that life is a   gift   and you are worthy of  happiness
















Award Winning Director,
TEDx Producer and Executive Producer
of Speakers Who Dare

"Dorota Burlakowska
is a gifted story-teller.

She is easy with words and has

a nurturing delivery

that moves any audience member

to think differently "

Dorota loves connecting with people through storytelling, and uses her own life experiences
to meet people where they are and help them discover the joy that is possible in their lives.


Dorota is available to speak at events where the message
of inspiration, love, and strength is honored.

  Some of the topics she speaks about include:

  • Overcoming Perfectionism to Discover Your True Self-Worth

  • Self-Love As the Foundation of Happiness

  • Trading People-Pleasing for Self-Esteem

  • Finding Hope in Every Circumstance

  • Turning Obstacles Into Lessons

  • You Are A Gift: Living Your Life in Creative Freedom

  • Success begins with Alignment

  • Parenting with Unconditional Love


  • Tapping into your own Resilience  and Inner Strength


  • Nurturing Your Creative Child

  • Designing and creating a productive home/work environment

  • Emotionally and physically de-cluttering your life allowing for more space and expansion

     and more...