Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand 

Inspiration / n. / in·​spi·​ra·​tion: the action or power of moving the heart or mind

Maybe it’s a song from your childhood.

Maybe it’s the one you danced to at your wedding.

Maybe it’s something you heard on the radio that made you stop what you were doing and listen.

Whatever the particular piece, most of us have had an experience with the
power of song

that goes far beyond entertainment to inspiration, the moving of the heart and mind.

Dorota has loved singing since she was a child in Poland, where she attended music
school for singing and violin. While her early music education ended when she came
to the United States at the age of twelve, her love for music continued to grow. 
Songs have always been a source of inspiration for her, and a way to inspire others.

As a singer of ballads, she loves using the power of song to create an experience of
healing and inspiration. When songs have a message of love they become a catalyst for
an internal journey that can lead to release, insight, self-knowledge,
and emotional transformation.

"Dorota is a gift to the world. After listening to her singing, I had tears. She is extremely talented. Her voice touched my heart in a deep way"  

Daria DiCieli

at Daria DiCieli

"Dorota has such a kind, nurturing presence when you first meet her and when you hear her sing you are carried away on an enchanting journey. Her voice is breathtaking!"  


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& International Speaker