Your child's environment...

Your child's space is more than a is a blanket in which they wrap themselves in daily <3

When I was a little room was always my sanctuary. I was surrounded by all of the things that I loved. My parents always created an environment for my sister and I that made us feel safe, nurtured and one that added to our growth and development.

I remember waking up and always looking towards my window which luckily was facing the playground. I would peek at my violin laying gently against the shelf, my record player, the books and toys that I loved! My beautiful mom always made sure that our beds felt like pure heaven, she even ironed our sheets! My room was always tidy, pretty and it had an ambiance that I truly loved. It was that one space where I felt like myself.

Throughout my life we moved often, I had many different rooms in different homes. During our journey to the United States when I was twelve years old there were periods of time when I did not have my own room, yet one thing always remained, I understood the importance of my surrounding and what it gave me as a child. My parents instilled that in me and I continued that magic with my children's rooms. I always believed that the space in which a child grows has to be special!

It isn't just about the bed, the desk and a cabinet full of toys. It is about the little touches, about the magic that we as parents can create for them to give them a feeling of more than just a space. A feeling where they can thrive, where they can grow and feel the abundance of emotions that this sanctuary can provide for them. It is all about truly knowing who they are, what they love, what inspires them, what brings them JOY and what awakens their wonder, their curiosity... then emphasizing those details in the design surrounding them.

It is the little touches, the little details, the special creations that awaken their soul and fill their hearts with an abundance of happiness.

Think for a moment about the amount of time your child spends in their room. Wouldn't you want it to be a space that they truly love?

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