Share your gifts with the world...

When I was a child and was asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up? answer was always one and the same “Singer”

I remember pretending to sing in English when I was growing up in Poland. Making up my own words that sounded similar. I loved to sing, it was always an emotional release for me. It was a way to transform the love out of my heart into a sound that carried it into the world.

My father nurtured my love of music by teaching me how to sing and both of my parents supported me when I attended music school learning the violin. Eventhough my music studies stopped when I came to the United States, my love for music continued.

As a teenager and a young adult, the insecurity of thinking that I am not good enough, the competition of so many artists trying to be seen, I didn’t pursue music. It was a notion that I was carrying inside. If you will not be a professional or a success then singing is just a waste of time. This limited thinking stopped me from sharing my gift with the world.

I cannot turn back time, but what I can do is inspire others to embrace their gifts at whatever age at whatever level and share them with the world. Without the pressure of being a professional, without the notion that unless you are a huge success your art means less.

I now know that even if one person hears the song that I am singing and something inside of them awakens, or a heart heals, or a light inside of them flickers to pursue their path then singing is what I need to do.

Every song that I sing comes straight from my heart. I feel every word, every note, every meaning. I hope that you will also share your gifts with the world. Whatever is in your heart that is just screaming to come out, a long lost passion, a long forgotten dream...allow it to shine. Allow it touch someone’s heart, you might just make an impact that will be life changing.

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