Updated: Aug 26, 2019

A very good friend once told me that she has given up on her dreams because of her age. She feels that life has just passed her by, everyday is filled with routines, responsibilities and chaos. I saw the vale of sadness fall gently on her face and my heart ached.

What distinguishes people who are chasing their dreams despite the obstacles that are in their way from the ones that have given up. Why do some believe and chase, and some are filled with doubt.

All of my life I believed. I believed in myself. Obstacles have stood in my way, pain, fear, failure, doubt. But somehow I always knew that tomorrow was another day, another day to make it better, to start again, to smile, to believe, to go on.

I believe that dreams and aspirations are the things that keep us alive. As children we believe that everything and anything is possible and somewhere along the way many of us stand still in our journey. The wonder stops and reality sneaks in.

But why can't your REALITY be your DREAM? I for one believe that it is never too late to reach for the very things that make you shine in the world. It is never too late to find your path. It is never too late to believe that anything is possible! Take a moment, sit in silence, listen to your heart and believe.

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