Follow your Heart...

Following your heart and listening to your inner voice is something that I truly believe and inspire others to do.

What is the first is becoming still. The noise surrounding you, the voices, the judgements, the expectations, the endless to do lists, the inner doubts...quiet it all down. Stop...breathe…close your eyes...then ask yourself:

"What is my purpose today, how can I serve?"

On my life's journey especially in the last few years, when I pause and ask that question the answer is always very clear. I have learned to listen to the answer, I have learned to follow that intuition rather than battle with the programming that has been instilled in me, holding me back from truly living my truth.

Programming vs. Intuition

It is a tough battle for many, one that sometimes takes years to win. But if you begin with baby steps, if you begin with small decisions ones that truly feel right, ones that when they are complete you take a breath and say "Yes, now it all makes sense" life in all sense of the word changes and uncovers the magic that you would not have seen otherwise.

Always come from a place of LOVE and to SERVE.

You will begin to know yourself and love who you truly are, and mostly understand your purpose which in turn will impact and change lives.

Believe, Love, Inspire

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