Last night I watched a documentary called "Embrace" about the painful relationship that women have with their bodies. I have known all of my life the struggle of trying to achieve perfection, but when I saw the number I was truly shocked.

91% of women hate their bodies.

A struggle to achieve the perfection that is so highlighted everywhere we look in the media. The perfection that is touched up and altered, which means it is non-existent. Yet so many of us feel that if we are not thin, we are not beautiful.

It was painful to watch, I resonated with every word of the stories they shared.

One sentence however struck a cord: " I realized that my body is not an ornament, but a vehicle"

YES! Not an ornament, but a vehicle!

I love that!!!!

Our bodies, beautiful creations of god that go through so many ups and downs of hormonal imbalances, physical changes that we sometimes are so quick to judge. Yet never truly thank, thank our bodies for the amazing vehicles that they are.

I have improved my relationship with my body in so many ways but I still feel that at times I am too judgemental. I am learning that the number on the scale or the one size up in clothing from what I call my perfect size does not define me. The programming that we carry throughout our lives is not that easy to shed but it is worth it when we do. I have a five year old beautiful little girl, and I never want her to feel an ounce of that pressure that I put on myself throughout my life about being the perfect size. I want her to know that she is beautiful regardless of the number on the scale, regardless of what size she is. She is so much more than that, all women are.

Beauty truly lies within, sadly the world puts too much emphasis on the exterior.

Today, look in the mirror and thank your beautiful body for carrying you through this journey called life. For all of the gifts that it has blessed you with and continues to do so. It is your home, the only true home you will ever have.

Love it, just the way it is.

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