I have found that when I speak to my family, friends or colleagues the one common subject that always seems to come up, is the subject of "lack of time"

"I wish I had more time", "I cannot do this because I have no time", "I wish there were more hours in the day" and so on...

When you look at your daily tasks and all of the responsibilities, how can you find the extra time? It seems overwhelming and challenging and the thought of actually completing something for yourself seems almost impossible.

I came across the same issue. With all of the projects that I am working on and my family, I found myself conflicted. So I decided to take the time in the day when the whole world is still asleep, just for me.

Instead of waking up at 7am, I now wake up at 5am. Those two precious hours, when the house is still asleep and the sun has not yet risen are golden. That is the time when I write the new pages in my upcoming book, it is the time when I journal, meditate, or simply be. It is that time that is untouched and so still, allowing me to think and create.

Don't let anything stop you from creating what you love. Look at your daily life and shift your schedule. The gap of time is there, you just have to find it and allow it to be yours

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