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As an Inspirational Designer of 15 years, Dorota loves showing people the difference
Inspirational Design can make. Often clients request an ambiance, a specific
 setting for their event or home, ways to improve their inner and exterior environment.
They know what they want to experience, and they know how they want to feel,
but they don’t know how to bring it to fruition.


That is where the magic of Inspirational Design comes in. Dorota finds joy in
connecting with people to envision what they want and turn their dream
into a reality that creates lifelong experiences and memories.

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  But Inspirational Design Inspirational Design transforms the space or event

“Design can add  beauty and imaginative touches to a space or event.

into an  experience of beauty and imagination.”

~Dorothy Burlakowska

"Beauty lies in the details and Dorota never misses a beat. The events that she creates are special and stunning. Her work comes to life due to her creativity, style and love. Every single guest has always commented on how beautiful her creations were. I can't thank her enough."


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Through DB Events and Design Dorota offers conceptual design services
and high-level project management to make sure the design is carried out
in a way that is true to the vision. Her process involves working with clients to
develop the concept for their special event as well as creating the experience they desired.

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"Dorota made my book lunch look and feel as special as a wedding.

She is fast, organized and

so talented!"


Founder at Ziva Meditation
Author of "Stress Less, Accomplish More"


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