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Are you an Entrepreneur who is unhappy with their online presence and wishes that aesthetically 
your website, as well as your marketing materials, truly
reflects your business and who you are?

Are you a Business, Health or Life Coach who is planning an event such as a workshop,
a retreat or a corporate event and the planning process has left you feeling
overwhelmed and unsure of your direction?

Are you a Motivational Speaker or Leader who will be inspiring the world from the stage
and you want to truly impress your guests and potential clients?

Are you an Author who wants to present their book to the world in a memorable way?

Are you working from home but your space feels uninspiring, blocking you
from creating what you ultimately envision?


Creating an  unforgettable experience or space is what will
allow you to
stand out from your competition and shine!

Creating a
design strategy along with planning and a stunning presentation 
will allow you to reach your next level of

Success  Fulfillment

"Dorota made my book launch look and feel as special as a wedding.

She is fast, organized and

so talented!"


Founder at Ziva Meditation
Author of "Stress Less, Accomplish More"

"Dorota Burlakowska, what you did to create my table was nothing short of magical! Your work is beautiful and you make everything so easy!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you, with so much love"


Founder and Principal
at Creative Feng Shui, Inc.


" Dorota, I am just stunned by your brilliance! The magic you are working

is going to take the world by storm."


of ModestineTEA


"Everything Dorota touches turns to GOLD! Since working with Dorota I now feel like I have a space that is so open and one that feels so much bigger!
I also feel like I can entertain guests without being worried about where they will all sit in such a small space.
But the best part is, I actually enjoy working from home now
because it feels like home."


Publicity Strategist,
Reputation Designer
& International Speaker

"The event was outstanding, purely due to the dedication and commitment from Dorota and Brad. Dorota, you are an amazing decorator, I am so pleased we
will be doing this again next year!"


Assistant. Director of Events
New York Hilton Midtown


"Working with clients, creating, designing, inspiring as well as bringing to fruition
what they envision has been one of my greatest gifts.
Witnessing their success and happiness, truly a blessing"

~ Dorota Burlakowska   

Connect with Dorota to create
your next unforgettable experience, event, space or business presence!


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