Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand 

Dorothy Burlakowska was born in Poland and emigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. Her first experiences in a new country were full of obstacles which she turned into lessons that left permanent imprints on her heart and have become the catalyst for her resilience and beliefs.

Earning a degree in Early Childhood Education, her career path changed once she embraced her love of creative expression. That path has led her to entrepreneurship and the birth of her
New York based company DB Events and Design where she inspires others,
by creating transformational experiences.

Her life lessons as well as her love and compassion for the world have shaped her
into who she is as a person, as a mother and as a professional.


These life lessons come through in the words she speaks or sings on stage.

They come through in the designs she creates to translate people’s dreams for their
events, homes and special milestones into beautiful reality.


They come through in the social change she is committed to working towards through
Spaces of Love, an organization she co-founded to transform the spaces
where the most vulnerable among us—children and the elderly—live.


They are the healing and joy-inspiring ideas she is passionate about sharing with the world.


Spaces of Love

DB Events and Design


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