B    U    R    L    A    K    O    W    S    K    A 

Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand 


T R A N S F O R M A T I O N A L  V I S I O N A R Y
Creating Beauty and Inspiring Love 


As a Designer Dorota draws on her expertise as an established
New York based designer to bring the idea of the life you have always envisioned to fruition,
in a way that goes far beyond decorating. She inspires you to see your world through a different lens and leads you to the creation of a complete and unforgettable experience.
As an Inspirational Speaker Dorota draws from her own experiences of self-acceptance that has unlocked her own happiness and her ability to experience life, love and success
with freedom and joy.
As an Inspirational
Singer she draws on her passion for the transformative power of song to take people on a journey of emotional release,healing, self-discovery, and motivation.


"Dorota Burlakowska is the pure definition of style, substance and grace.  In the creative world in which we exist, it is easy to find talented people.  However, finding one who stays true to her word and gives more than 100% gleefully to each and every project she undertakes is rare.  All the events I have had the joy of working on with her or any request I have ever made of her is always delivered on time, on budget and with flair.  She leaves no details unthought of and offers up solutions to issues when they arise. It’s been a pleasure to work with her, but an even greater pleasure to have gotten to know the thoughtful, considerate and giving human she is to this world. A truly remarkable professional! "


Maria Maloof Fine Art

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